Daughters of Lt Gen Andrew Gammell

Lt. General Andrew Gammell and Martha Stageldoir had four daughters, and although it is believed they were all born in London, we have scant details of their birth dates. Details such as we know are as follows:

1. Martha Gammell, the eldest daughter was born on 11 January 1791.  On 14 October 1814 she married Captain Harcourt Morton of the 49th Foot. (Gentlemans Magazine). Before his marriage, Harcourt had served with the 85th, 49th and 14th Foot.  He had been slightly injured at the siege of Badajoz (6-11 June 1811) (as was his fellow officer in the same regiment, Lt William Gammell, who surely must have introduced him to his sister, Martha).  He was also wounded at the Battle of Chrysler’s Farm (11 November 1813) in Canada.  He retired on half pay in 1816 “At my own request in consequence of my private affairs requiring my presence at home”.  Harcourt and Martha lived in Masham, North Yorkshire and are buried in St Mary’s Church, Masham.  They appear to have had no children.

Their headstone reads “Sacred to the memory of Major Harcourt Morton who died on 4th June 1854 aged 68 years and to Martha Morton his wife who died 8th February 1871 aged 80 years.”

Martha inherited one seventh of her father's estate when he died in 1815, and was left an annuity of £50 a year under the will of her grandfather James Gammell the banker in 1825.

2. Jessie Gammell, Andrew's second daughter, was born on 16 May 1792.  She married a man called Joseph Stageldoir Peile, who was the son of John Peile and Sarah Stageldoir. He must surely have been related to Jessie’s mother and was a composer/piano teacher and a member of the Royal Society of Musicians.  (A list of at least some of his compositions can be found on by searching Amazon.co.uk with his name). The marriage took place on 11 January 1814 In Westminster.  Her father must have thought his son-in-law a very undesirable person indeed, as in his will he excluded Jessie from inheritance, other than a small annuity 'for marrying a blackguard'.  What happened to Jessie later on we do not know, except that she and her husband had a family and she died aged only 36 on 4 June 1828 and was buried at St Luke's, Chelsea.  She and her husband had 10 children:

2.1 Janet Peile (1814-1881)
2.2 Martha Gammell Peile (1816-unknown)
2.3 Joseph Peile (1817-1842)
2.4 Laura Peile (1819-1872)
​2.5 Alfred Peile (1820-unknown)
2.6 William Peile (1821-unknown)
​2.7 Maria Peile (1822-1896)
2.8 Louisa Peile (1824-unknown) 
​2.9 Ernest Gammell Peile (1825-1832)
2.10 Georgiana Kirkman Morton Peile (1827-1861)

In the will of Jessie's grandfather James Gammell the banker, she and her family were left £3000, plus an annuity of £100. It is also significant that the death certificate of her mother, Martha Stageldoir is signed, in 1840, by Maria Peile, we assume that this was a daughter of Jessie mentioned above.

​The story of these children and their descendants can he found here.

3. Mary Gammell 1799-1872.  Mary married on 1 July 1824 the Rev. John Stewart, son of
Roger Stewart, a Greenock ship owner. Her husband had been ordained into the
Presbyterian Church after graduating from Glasgow University.  He was minister at Sorn
church between 1830-1845 and eventually became rector of the Parish Church of
Liberton on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  Mary inherited like the rest, one seventh of her
father's estate in 1815, but is not mentioned in the will of her grandfather James
Gammell, the banker in 1825. Mary and John were closely involved with their
grand-children, most of whom stayed at Liberton whilst they attended their school and
university in Edinburgh. Mary died at Liberton on 23 March 1872, and her husband
John Stewart also died there ​on 27 December 1879.

Mary and her husband John had two sons:

3.1 James born on 23 December 1825.  He was an assistant surgeon for the East India
Company.  He died of dropsy caused by liver disease on 18 April 1858 at Liberton and
is buried in the churchyard there.

3.2 Harcourt who was born on 21 May 1827 at Sorn.  He was a master mariner, and ​was drowned when the barque, Jemima Pereira, on which he was the First Officer, sank in the ​South China Sea on 1 September 1854. A memorial tablet exists in Sorn Churchyard which reads "Erected by J C Stewart M D in memory of his brother Harcourt M Stewart master mariner, second son of The Rev John Stewart, born at Sorn Manse 21 May 1827. Drowned in the China Seas 1 September 1851."

Both these sons were unmarried.

3.3 They also had a daughter, Mary Gammell Stewart who was born on 18 April 1830, and who on 24 July 1855 married the Rev. George Smyttan Davidson, the Minister at Kinfauns, near Perth, Scotland. They had a large family as follows:

John Harcourt (1856-1880)
James Stewart (1858-1950)
(Rev) Harcourt Morton (1860-1926)
Mary Gammell (1861-1950)
John Stewart (1863-1952)
William Smyttan (1867-1906)
(Rev) Roger Stewart (1869-1955)
Andrew Gammell (1872-1907)

George died on 20 April 1901 and Mary on 30 September 1923.

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4. Margaret Gammell  was born in about 1800/01 and was baptised at St Giles in the Fields on 17 April 1801. In 1815 she, like his other children shared equally his estate. She however was not mentioned in the will of her grandfather, James Gammell the banker ten years later as are two of her sisters.  She was married on 28 September 1825 in St Pancras, London to Joseph Jacobs of Woodbridge, an artist and in the 11th Light Dragoons.   They had three sons, Abraham Andrew Gammell Jacobs who was born in 1839, Albert Israel Gammell Jacobs who was born in 1840 and died in the same year, and Isaac Ernest Gammell Jacobs who was born sometime before 1847, when he is mentioned in a court hearing, where Margaret was trying to protect her inheritance from her husband's debts (11 May 1847 London Gazette).  But evidently things didn't improve for Margaret, for by the 1851 census, both her son, Isaac and her husband had died and she was living in Greenwich, Kent with only Abraham Andrew, and described herself as a gentlewoman in reduced circumstances - Widow. She died on 14 March 1861 and probate was granted to Abraham Andrew Gammell Jacobs. 

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Rev. John Stewart, Minister at Sorn Church

Daughters of Lt Gen Andrew Gammell