Janet Gammell (Peile) (1792-1828) and her descendants

Ken Hogarth, Mayor of Kenilworth 1976

Maria Peile (Waud) (Royal
​Society of Musicians Archive)

Janet Gammell

Janet Gammell (familiarly known as Jessie), was the second daughter of Lt Gen Andrew Gammell and Martha Stageldoir/Gammell.  She was born on 26 May 1792 and baptised at St Andrews Church, Holborn on 27 November 1792.  On 11 January 1814 she married Joseph Stageldoir Peile at St Marylebone, Middlesex.  Joseph was her cousin (the son of Jessie’s mother’s sister, Sarah Peile (née Stageldoir)) and a piano teacher, pianist and composer.  As is evidenced in Andrew Gammell’s will signed only 3 days after her wedding, Jessie’s father strongly disapproved of this marriage and of her husband, excluding Jessie “who disgraced herself by marrying a blackguard”, from inheritance other than a small annuity.  Under the terms of her father’s will, Jessie received only £100 a year for her lifetime (worth about £8,000 today).  Jessie died, aged only 36, on 4 June 1828 and was buried at St Luke's, Chelsea. 

Certainly after that and maybe before, the family fell on hard times.  On 15 June 1836 Joseph suffered what was probably a stroke which deprived him of speech and paralysed his right side. He was declared insolvent and the Royal Society of Musicians, of which he had been a member since 1816, granted him £6 and 6 shillings a month and £10 for medical relief as well as support for the schooling of his two youngest children.  However, things got worse still and in 1838 all his possessions were distrained, he was declared bankrupt and spent time, at least between January and March 1839, in Horsemonger Lane prison.  He died on 14 June 1840.

Jessie and Joseph had 10 children:
Janet Peile                               15 December 1814 - 17 July 1881
Martha Gammell Peile                21 May 1816 - 11 October 1878
Joseph Peile                             20 August 1817 - 21 June 1842
Laura Peile                               11 January 1819 - 21 March 1872
Alfred Philip Peile                      12 May 1820 - 3 May 1869
William Peile                             19 July 1821 - Unknown
Maria Peile                                26 September 1822 - 8 June 1896
Louisa Peile                               30 August 1824 - Unknown
Ernest Gammell Peile                  5 October 1825 - March 1832
Georgiana Kirkman Morton Peile  24 December 1827 - 14 February 1861

Children of Joseph and Jessie Peile (née Gammell)
(A1) Janet Peile
was born on 15 December 1814.  On 22 March 1840, she married Robert Lawn, a window blind maker. They lived in Marylebone and St Pancras and Janet died in Camden, London on 17 July 1881.  They appear to have had no children.
(A2) Martha Gammell Peile was born on 21 May 1816. On 16 October 1861 she married William Joseph Allaway, a cooper, though in the census of 1871, he describes himself as a bath attendant. She seems to have not had a very happy life, being regularly admitted to the workhouse with various medical issues.  William died in 1872 and Martha on 11 October 1878. She appears to have had no children. 
(A3) Joseph Peile was born on 20 August 1817.  He was a solicitor's clerk.  He married Cornelia Mierop Bryant on 18 February 1838 at Paddington St James, but Joseph died only four years later on 21 June 1842. Cornelia did not marry again and died in February 1848.  They appear to have had no children.
(A4) Laura Peile was born on 11 January 1819.  We know almost nothing about her except that at the time of the 1861 and 1871 censuses, she was living with a Catherine Peile who was said to be her sister.  However, she had no sister of that name and nor did she have any sisters born in Ipswich, which is where Catherine was born.  They were both cap milliners and both unmarried. Laura died in Paddington on 21 March 1872. She appears to have had no children.
(A5) Alfred Philip Peile was born on 12 May 1820. He married Maria Louisa Waud, a music teacher
and a member of the Royal Society of Musicians, on 18 May 1841 at St Luke’s Church, Chelsea.  He
was described as a commercial clerk on his death certificate, though on census forms described his
occupation as “Gent”, or in one case “anything”! For many years they lived with her parents in
Chelsea. Alfred died on 3 May 1869 and Maria on 19 May 1883. They appear to have had no children.
(A6) William Peile was born on 19 July 1821. He married Matilda Redman on 22 January 1843 at
St Pancras, London, but nothing further is known about William or Matilda.
(A7) Maria Peile was born on 26 September 1822. She married William Frederick Wilding, a
book-keeper, on 11 January 1846 at St Silas, Liverpool. By 1851 they were living in London where
William was a commercial clerk and Maria a school mistress, but later they moved to Camberwell
with William being a shipping insurance agent. William died on 23 June 1874 and Maria on 8 June
​1896. They had four children:
William Thomas Wilding                    30 December 1848 - 28 September 1937
Frederick John Wilding                      24 February 1852 - 17 July 1891
Ann Maria Wilding                             17 June 1857 - 6 November 1857
Anne Wilding                                    26 January 1861 - Unknown
For further details on the Wilding family see “Children of William F and Maria Wilding (née Peile)” (B1-B4) below.
(A8) Louisa Peile was born on 30 August 1824 in Marylebone. She was described in 1840 as “short and deformed” and in 1841 was living with her uncle Frederick’s family, ​but after that we know nothing further.  
(A9) Ernest Gammell Peile was born on 5 October 1825 in Marylebone, but died in March 1832 aged only six.
(A10) Georgiana Kirkman Morton Peile was born on 24 December 1827 in Islington.  She lived with her uncle Frederick’s family after her father’s death.  On 17 June 1849 she married John Kendal Garner, a printer, at St Ethelburga Church, Bishopsgate. In about 1853 they emigrated to Australia, with their first two daughters, Emma Laura, who had been born on 1 June 1850 and Georgianna Morton who was born on 16 March 1852. They settled at Collingwood, Victoria, where Georgiana Morton, aged one, died on 4 January 1854.  Georgiana K M and John had four further children in Australia, but Georgiana K M died in Collingwood on 14 February 1861, aged 33.  Her husband John returned to the UK with his three surviving children and in
1866 married Margaret Blight with whom he had several further children.  John died on 6 November 1905.  John and Georgiana had six children:
Emma Laura Garner                      1 June 1850 - 27 December 1920
Georgiana Morton Garner            16 March 1852 - 4 January 1854
John Collingwood Garner              1854 - 28 February 1890
George Garner                                 2 January 1857 - 25 February 1857
Charles Percy Garner                      8 April 1858 - 21 January 1872
Georgina Garner                             1860 - 1860
For further details on the Garner family see “Children of John K and Georgiana K M Garner (née Peile)” (C1-C6) below.

Children of William F and Maria Wilding (née Peile)

(B1) William Thomas Wilding was born on 30 December 1848 in Bermondsey and was a merchant’s clerk.  On 2 August 1878 he married Mary Ann Lockyer at Christ Church, Camberwell. Later in his life, William became a seed merchant working for himself.  They lived in south London. William died on 28 September 1937, and Mary on 14 April 1946. William and Mary had eight children:
Emily Elizabeth Wilding           1 June 1879 - 11 January 1948
William Montgomery Wilding    15 August 1880 - 24 January 1929
Mary Eleanor Wilding              15 December 1881 - 30 April 1975
Thomas Charles Wilding          31 March 1883 - 24 July 1950
Frank Wilding                         15 January 1885 - 28 April 1917
Reginald Wilding                     12 January 1887 - 28 August 1963
Ernest Wilding                        30 April 1889 - 13 December 1987
Walter George Wilding             19 April 1894 - 5 July 1967
For further details on this Wilding family see “Children of William T and Mary A Wilding (née Lockyer) and their descendants” (D1-D8) below.
(B2) Frederick John Wilding was born on 24 February 1852 in Islington and appears to have gone into business either with or in the same line as his father, as a shipping agent. On 11 November 1876 he married Alice Matilda Melvin Brennan at Kennington, Surrey.   Frederick died on 17 July 1891 at Greenwich and Alice died in 1927. Frederick and Alice had three children:
Frederick William Wilding           1 May 1878 - 5 November 1910
Edith Catherine Wilding              31 July 1880 - 16 June 1947
Ann Melvin Wilding                    27 February 1885 - 24 February 1961
For further details on this Wilding family see “Children of Frederick J and Alice M Wilding (née Melvin) and their descendants” (E1-E3) below.
(B3) Ann Maria Wilding was born on 17 June 1857 in Bermondsey, but died aged
only 4 months on 6 November 1857.
(B4) Anne Wilding was born on 26 January 1861 in Camberwell. She worked
throughout her life as a governess and school mistress and we last hear of her in the 1911 census, when aged 50 she was still single.  We do not know when she died.

Children of John K and Georgiana K M Garner (née Peile)
(C1)  Emma Laura Garner was born on 1 June 1850 in Hoxton, London and emigrated with her family to Australia when she was about 2 years old. When her father returned to the UK in the early 1860s, it is presumed that the children did too. However, aged 21, Emma emigrated to Queensland, Australia arriving in February 1872 and on 12 March 1873 she married James Watson at the house of Doctor Gilder in St Lawrence, Queensland, Australia.  James' occupation is given as carrier, Emma's occupation shown as servant. Emma died on 27 December 1920 in Queensland and James on 24 August 1922.  James and Emma had three children:
James William Watson            14 May 1873 - 6 July 1919
Georgianna Elizabeth Watson   21 November 1875 - 9 August 1961
Bertha Laurina Watson            21 June 1877 - 26 November 1961
For further details on this Watson family see “Children of James and Emma Laura Watson (née Garner) and their descendants” (F1-F3) below.
(C2)  Georgiana Morton Garner was born on 16 March 1852 and almost immediately emigrated with her parents to Victoria, Australia where she died on 4 January 1854.
(C3) John Collingwood Garner was born in Melbourne, Australia in about 1854, but must have travelled to the UK in the early 1860s when his father returned.  In 1871 he was living with his father and step-mother and was an engraver.  Shortly after that he evidently decided to return to Australia and in 1877 in Sydney, New South Wales, he married Bertha Maria Blackert.  They had two children, Alfred Garner, born on 25 May 1878 and Emma Garner, born on 20 December 1880, but who died less than a month later, on 18 January 1881, on the same day that her mother, Bertha, also died.  John lost his life, together with that of his son, Alfred, when the RMS Quetta, on which they were returning to England, wrecked on 28 February 1890.
Alfred Garner                       25 May 1878 - 28 February 1890
Emma Garner                       20 December 1880 - 18 January 1881
All the details we know of these two children are contained in the paragraph about their father’s life above.
(C4) George Garner was born on 2 January 1857 in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, but died a few weeks later, on 25 February 1857.
(C5) Charles Percy Garner was born on 8 April 1858 in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.  He must have travelled to the UK in the early 1860s when his father returned there and in 1871, he was living with his aunt and uncle, Janet and Robert Lawn. He died on 21 January 1872.
(C6) Georgina Garner was born in 1860 in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, but she died aged only 5 months that same year.

Children of William T and Mary A Wilding (née Lockyer) and their descendants
(D1)  Emily Elizabeth Wilding was born on 1 June 1879.  She was a teacher living at home until 1911, when she emigrated to Canada to get married to a Samuel Cawson on 30 May 1911 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they settled. Samuel was an accountant who had emigrated to Canada from the UK the year before. Emily returned to England in 1929 for a brief visit to see her mother, with her daughter Muriel Joyce aged 3 travelling with her. Emily died on 11 January 1948 and Samuel on 12 June 1984.  Emily and Samuel had four children:
Mary Eileen Cawson             25 August 1914 - 17 February 2004
Charles Albert Cawson          25 July 1917 - 10 March 1982
Frank Kellington Cawson       18 January 1923 - 18 January 2015
Muriel Joyce Cawson             13 February 1926 - 23 December 2014
(D1.1)  Mary Eileen Cawson was born on 25 August 1914 in Winnipeg.  On 31 August 1946 she married Harry Leverne Williams.    Harry died on 10 August 1993 and Mary on 17 February 2004.  Mary and Harry had two children, Jai and Harvey.
(D1.2)  Charles Albert Cawson was born on 25 July 1917.  He married Florence Maude Massey in 1945 in Yorkshire, England.  Florence died on 7 April 1972 and Charles on 10 March 1982.  Charles and Florence had three children Christine, Catherine and Derek.
(D1.3)  Frank Kellington Cawson was born on 18 January 1923.  He married Lilly (maiden name and date unknown) sometime before 1962.  Frank died on 18 January 2015.  From the wording of his obituary, it appears that he and Lilly did not have any children.
(D1.4)  Muriel Joyce Cawson was born on 13 February 1926.  She married Donald William Court on 1 May 1948. Donald died in May 1999 and Muriel on 23 December 2014. Muriel and Donald had three children, Linda, Randy and Doug.
(D2) William Montgomery Wilding was born on 15 August 1880 at Thornton Heath, Surrey.  He was a stockbroker's clerk. On 5 August 1917 he married Minnie Henderson Spencer at Nottingham Register Office.  William at that time was a 2nd Lieutenant based at Cliptone Camp, Mansfield.   After the war ended the family returned to South London, where William died on 24 January 1929 and Minnie on 6 August 1938 in Worthing. William and Minnie had a daughter, Marie Lockyer Wilding.
Marie Lockyer Wilding       25 July 1918 - 19 October 1996
(D2.1) Marie Lockyer Wilding was born on 25 July 1918 in Christchurch, Hampshire. She married Harold Roy Phelps on 7 June 1952 at Worthing Register Office. She was a local Government officer.  Harold died in 1989 and Marie on 19 October 1996.  They appear to have had no children.
(D3) Mary Eleanor Wilding was born on 15 December 1881 at Thornton Heath. In 1924 she married Thomas Peacock at Marylebone. He was a wholesale provision merchant. Mary died on 30 April 1975 in Surrey. Mary and Thomas appear to have had no children.
(D4) Thomas Charles Wilding was born on 31 March 1883 at Thornton Heath. In 1910 he emigrated to Manitoba in Canada.  He served as a Sergeant in the First World War in the 52nd Battalion and was mentioned in despatches.  On 27 October 1919 he married Helen Jessie Napier at St Andrews, Manitoba and shortly afterwards they moved to British Columbia, where he died on 23 July 1950. Helen survived him, but we don’t know when she died. Thomas and Helen had one son.
Malcolm Frank Wilding       1921 - 3 March 2011
(D4.1) Malcolm Frank Wilding was born in 1921.  In about 1946 he married Isobel Smith. Malcolm died on 3 March 2011. Malcolm and Isobel had three children, Douglas, Ian and Joan.
(D5)  Frank Wilding was born on 15 January 1885 at Thornton Heath. He too emigrated to Canada in 1910.  In the First World War he served as a Private in 5th Battalion Saskatchewan Regiment and was killed on 28 April 1917 near Arras, France.  He is buried at the Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleaux-en-Gohelle, near Arras, France.
(D6) Reginald Wilding was born on 12 January 1887 at Thornton Heath. He emigrated to Canada in 1907 and served in the Canadian Army during the First World War.  On 9 November 1918 he married Edna Agatha McDermott, a nursing sister with the Canadian Army, at Wandsworth Register Office.  His occupation is shown as commercial advertiser but at present in the Army, a driver. At his retirement he was Chairman of the Alberta Old Age Pension Board.  Edna died on 24 September 1954 in Edmonton and Reginald on 28 August 1963 in British Columbia. Reginald and Edna had a daughter Edna L Wilding.
Edna Lockyer Wilding        20 December 1920 - 12 October 2014
(D6.1) Edna Lockyer Wilding was born on 20 December 1920 in Edmonton, Alberta.  She married (date unknown) Joseph Gowanlock Woodsworth.  Joseph died on 21 January 1982 and Edna on 12 October 2014. Edna and Joseph had two daughters, Judy and Peggy.
(D7) Ernest Wilding was born on 30 April 1889 at Thornton Heath. In 1910 he too emigrated to Canada and lived in British Colombia, where he died on 13 December 1987 at Surrey, British Columbia.  His death record says he was single and a retired glass installer.
(D8) Walter George Wilding was born on 19 April 1894 at Thornton Heath. He served in the British Army in the First World War. On 12 July 1924 he married Ruby Laura Hirth at the Church of St Leonard, Streatham.  They had a daughter, Olive W Wilding.  Walter died in Brighton on 5 July 1967 and Ruby on 5 July 1982 in St Ives, Cornwall.
Olive W Wilding              26 May 1925 - Unknown
(D8.1) Olive W Wilding was born on 26 May 1925. She was still living with her parents in Wembley in 1956, but after that we do not know what happened to her.

Children of Frederick J and Alice M M Wilding (née Brennan) and their descendants
(E1)  Frederick William Wilding was born in Peckham on 1 May 1878. In the 1901 census he is described as a driver, but on his death certificate as a publishers assistant.  He died in Southwark on 5 November 1910.
(E2) Edith Catherine Wilding was born on 31 July 1880 in Newington.  On 29 January 1911 she married Alfred George Bellinger, a leather finisher, at Bermondsey St James. In 1911 they were living in Hertford, but had moved back to London by 1916, their address being the Windsor Castle, a pub at 2 Lanark Road, where they remained up until Alfred died on 13 August 1929.  In 1931 Edith married William Sydney Smith and they continued to live at the Windsor Castle pub.  In 1934, Edith was described in a Post Office directory as a beer retailer, so presumably she was the landlady of the pub. By 1938 they were living in Willesden, having presumably left the pub.  Edith died on 16 June 1947 having been pre-deceased by William.  Edith appears to have had no children.
(E3)  Ann Melvin Wilding was born in Deptford on 27 February 1885 and at the age of 26, was a relief stamper at an arts printer. She married William Henry Hogarth, a clerk, on 14 September 1912 at Clapham Park All Saints. William was a Private in the 31Bn machine gun corps in the First World war and was killed on 29 October 1918.  He is buried at the Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery at West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Ann and William had two children.  Ann married Albert Henry Lacey in 1919 in Marylebone. They had two children. Albert died on 10 December 1953, and Ann on 24 February 1961.
Children of Ann and William:
Kenneth William Hogarth          3 August 1913 - 3 April 2001
Leslie Robert Hogarth              20 May 1916 - 29 January 1997
Children of Ann and Albert:
Albert Hogarth Lacey               22 March 1922 - 20 October 1993
Kathleen M H Lacey                 1924 - Unknown
(E3.1) Kenneth William Hogarth was born on 3 August 1913 in Lambeth.  Kenneth was a
Civil Servant and on 13 September 1936 married Eleanor Mary Hill, also a Civil Servant,
at Barnes, Holy Trinity, Surrey. In 1968, working for British Telecom, the family moved
to Kenilworth, where Kenneth became a Town and District Councillor and Mayor of
Kenilworth.  They had three children Robert, Margaret and Douglas and Eleanor's
obituary says that she had five grandchildren and six great grandchildren. ​Kenneth
died on 3 April 2001 and Eleanor on 19 October 2008, both in Warwickshire.
(E3.2)  Leslie Robert Hogarth was born on 20 May 1916.  He married Irene Doris Spurge
in 1958, but she died in August 1988 and he married Winifred Lorna Cassidy in March
1990.  Leslie, who was a florist, died on 29 January 1997.  We do not know whether he
had any children.
(E3.3) Albert Hogarth Lacey was born on 22 March 1922.  In 1948 he married Phyllis
Alice Florence Cotsford.  Albert died on 20 October 1993 and Phyllis on 25 December
1997.  Their gravestones in Kingston Cemetery imply that they had children, but we do
not know anything about them.
(E3.4)  Kathleen M H Lacey was born in 1924 and in 1950 married George T Parsons in
Hammersmith, London. We do not know when they died, nor whether they had any

Children of James and Emma Laura Watson (née Garner) and their descendants
(F1) James William Watson was born on 14 May 1873 in Queensland. He was a storekeeper in Longreach, Queensland. On 9 February 1899 he married Rebecca Alice Cornwell.  He joined the army during the First World War but seems to have deserted in 1917.  He died in Grafton New South Wales in on 6 July 1919, and Rebecca on 12 June 1957.  James and Rebecca had five children.
Gracie May Watson                  6 February 1900 - Unknown
Lilian Alice Watson                   26 October 1902 - 19 November 1969
Ivy Watson                             25 March 1905 - Unknown
Reginald James Watson            9 April 1907 - 25 July 1978
Walter Bradford Watson           7 April 1912 - 29 August 1960
(F1.1) Gracie May Watson was born on 6 February 1900 in Queensland. On 3 March 1931 she married John Beverley Cable at St Andrews Church, Sheridan Street, Cairns. John was a farmer, Grace a nurse.  John died on 27 October 1961, but we don't know when Gracie died, nor whether they had any children.
(F1.2) Lilian Alice Watson was born on 26 October 1902 in Queensland. On 11 August 1928 she married Henry Thomas Cecil Mutimer in Queensland. Lilian died on 19 November 1969 and Henry on 19 July 1974 and are both buried at North Rockhampton cemetery, Queensland. They seem to have had at least one child, Patricia Dell Mutimer.
(F1.3) Ivy Watson was born on 25 March 1905 in Queensland.  On 27 December 1933 she married Ernest Reginald Deavin at The Parsonage, Seventh Street, South Townsville, Queensland. Ernest died on 7 February 1966.  We do not know when Ivy died, nor do we know if they had any children.
(F1.4) Reginald James Watson was born on 9 April 1907 in Queensland. On 16 October 1934 he married Nellie Rita Tregurtha in Queensland.  Reginald died on 25 July 1978 and Nellie on 10 May 1983, both in Queensland. They seem to have had at least one child, John Watson.
(F1.5) Walter Bradford Watson was born on 7 April 1912 in Queensland.  On 1 June 1938 he married Lily Wilhemina Henkel in Queensland.  Walter died on 29 August 1960, but we don't know when Lily died.  They seem to have had at least one child, James Walter Watson.
(F2) Georgianna Elizabeth Watson was born on 21 November 1875 in Queensland. On 8 December 1892 she married Edward Clarence Jeffrey at Muttaburra, Queensland. Edward’s occupation is shown as shearer, Georgianna (now spelled Georgeanna) domestic duties.  Edward died on 11 May 1947 and Georgeanna on 9 August 1961 and is buried in Mareeba cemetery.  Edward and Georgeanna had 15 children.
Beatrice Laura Jeffrey              9 August 1894 - 29 Dec 1954
Edward Clarence Jeffrey          21 October 1895 - 31 May 1974
James Jeffrey                         9 January 1897 - 26 April 1898
May Jeffrey                             22 February 1898 - 6 October 1967
Georgeanna Jeffrey                 29 May 1899 - 3 September 1913
Arthur Laurence Jeffrey            14 June 1900 - 19 February 1901
George Clarence Jeffrey            4 February 1902 - 16 February 1903
William Jeffrey                         21 February 1903 - 5 February 1904
John Jeffrey                             28 August 1904 - 29 October 1982
Francis Jeffrey                          11 April 1906 - 5 July 1995
Mary Jeffrey                             20 May 1907 - 14 October 1907
Walter Jeffrey                           16 February 1909 - Unknown
Clarence Jeffrey                        15 September 1911 - 31 December 1963
Albert Jeffrey                            6 November 1915 - 10 March 1981
Grace Jeffrey                            1921 - 6 May 1979
(F2.1) Beatrice Laura Jeffrey was born on 9 August 1894 in Queensland. On 6 January 1942 she married Cyril Pender Price. Beatrice died on 29 December 1954 and Cyril on 25 August 1979. It is not known if they had any children.
(F2.2) Edward Clarence Jeffrey was born on 21 October 1895 in Queensland. On 3 June 1931 he married Violet Ethel Jones Chapman in Queensland.  Edward died on 31 May 1974 and is buried in Costin Street Cemetery, Mareeba. They seem to have had at least one child, Ronald Edward Jeffrey.
(F2.3) James Jeffrey was born on 9 January 1897 in Queensland and died 15 months later, on 26 April 1898.
(F2.4)  May Jeffrey was born on 22 February 1898 in Queensland. On April 1958 she married Noel Gordon Cochrane, but the marriage ended in 1963. May died on 6 October 1967 and is buried in the Mareeba Pioneer Cemetery.
(​F2.5)  Georgeanna Jeffrey was born on 29 May 1899 in Queensland and died on 3 September 1913.
(F2.6) Arthur Laurence Jeffrey was born on 14 June 1900 in Queensland and died aged 9 months on 19 February 1901.
(​​F2.7) George Clarence Jeffrey was born on 4 February 1902 in Queensland and died a year later, on 16 February 1903.
(F2.8) William Jeffrey​ was born on 21 February 1903 in Queensland, but he too only survived a year, dying on 5 February 1904. 
(F2.9) John Jeffrey​ was born on 28 August 1904 in Queensland. On 3 October 1925 he married Myrtle Constance Cape.  Evidently they separated, since she married again in 1948.  John died on 29 October 1982 and is buried in Herberton. It is not known if they had any children.
(F2.10) Francis Jeffrey was born on 11 April 1906 in Queensland. On 3 June 1933 he married Edith Caroline Heide.  Edith died on 4 January 1975 and Francis on 5 July 1995. It is not known if they had any children.
(F2.11) Mary Jeffrey was born on 20 May 1907 in Queensland, but died at only 5 months old on 14 October 1907.
(F2.12)  Walter Jeffrey was born on 16 February 1909 in Queensland. On 2 August 1944 he married Phyllis Nell Connors. They were both still alive in 1980 living at 310 Byrnes Street, Mareeba, Queensland, but we don't know when they died, nor do we know if they had any children.
(F2.13) Clarence Jeffrey was born on 15 September 1911 in Queensland. On 1 August 1938 he married Amelia Mary Wellington. Amelia died on 28 April 1986 and Clarence on 31 December 1993.  They are both commemorated on a plaque at Ipswich General Cemetery, Queensland. We do not know if they had any children.
(F2.14) Albert Jeffery was born on 6 November 1915. On 21 March 1938 he married Margery Elizabeth Fish.  Albert died on 10 March 1981, but we do not know when Margery died, nor whether they had any children.
(F2.15) Grace Jeffrey was born in about 1921. We know this because when she married Percival Thomas Calver on 12 April 1941, her age was given as 20.  Grace died on 6 May 1979, but we do not know when Percival died, nor whether they had any children.
(F3) Bertha Laurina Watson was born on 21 June 1877 in Queensland, Australia. On 4 July 1895 she married Simon Linklater. They lived all their life in Queensland, where Simon died on 18 May 1939 and Bertha on 26 November 1961. Simon and Bertha had 16 children.
Elizabeth Bertha Linklater            12 April 1896 - 14 January 1969
William Linklater                         25 June 1897 - 17 July 1988
Alice May Linklater                      29 March 1899 - 10 May 1973
James Linklater                           25 July 1900 - 20 February 1973
Sarah Linklater                           7 December 1901 - 15 July 1972
George Linklater                         11 March 1904 - 20 December 1962
Bertha Linklater                          13 May 1905 - 6 March 1906
Simon Alfred Linklater                 21 May 1907 - 18 December 1907
Frederick Linklater                      25 November 1908 - 19 February 1956
Ellen Linklater                            13 April 1910 - 16 January 1995
Bertha Linklater                          4 June 1911 - 1 January 2002
Kathleen Linklater                       21 June 1912 - 25 June 2008
Harold Linklater                          15 June 1914 - 13 November 1915
Florence Linklater                        28 July 1916 - 15 March 2000
Mary Linklater                             10 June 1919 - 21 July 2013
Edward Linklater                          27 September 1920 - 19 November 1980
(​F3.1) Elizabeth Bertha Linklater was born on 12 April 1896. On 18 May 1927 she married Arthur Hector Pinder. Elizabeth died on 14 January 1969 and Arthur on 30 November 1969. Elizabeth and Arthur had one son, George Arthur William Pinder.
(F3.2) William Linklater was born on 25 June 1897. He was single when he joined the army during the Second World War. He died on 17 July 1988.  We do not know if he ever married or had any children.
(F3.3) Alice May Linklater was born on 29 March 1899.  On 2 January 1928 she married Edward Casper Asmus.  Edward died on 5 February 1952 and Alice on 10 May 1973. Alice and Edward had a son and two daughters.
(F3.4) James Linklater was born on 25 July 1900.  On 28 December 1926 he married Kathleen Margirita Connorty.  Kathleen died on 23 June 1958 and James on 20 February 1973. James and Kathleen had a daughter, Mary Terese Linklater.
(F3.5) Sarah Linklater was born on 7 December 1901.  On 14 June 1924 she married Wilfred Henry Borman Jacobson.  They evidently had a child, Winifred Doris Mary Jacobson, since her death is recorded on 4 March 1929, though when she was born is unknown.  In addition, four other children are recorded in family trees on Ancestry.com; Dorothy Laurina Alice Jacobson, Colleene Betty Jacobson, Geoffry William Herbert Jacobson and William Palmer Simon Jacobson.  After Henry's death on 5 January 1951,  Sarah married Henry James Constable in 1963.  Sarah died on 15 July 1972.
(F3.6) George Linklater was born on 11 March 1904.  He appears not to have married. George died on 20 December 1962.
(F3.7) Bertha Linklater was born on 13 May 1905 and died as an infant on 6 March 1906.
(F3.8) Simon Alfred Linklater was born on 21 May 1907 and died as an infant on 18 December 1907.
(F3.9) Frederick Linklater was born on 25 November 1908 and died on 19 February 1956. He appears not to have married.
(F3.10) Ellen Linklater was born on 13 April 1910.  On 14 April 1938 she married William MacPherson. William died on 25 October 1988 and Ellen on 16 January 1995.  We do not know if they had any children.
(F3.11) Bertha Linklater was born on 4 June 1911.  On 23 March 1935 she married David Victor Edward Craig.  Bertha died in 1 January 2002, but we don’t know when David died, nor whether they had any children.
(F3.12) Kathleen Linklater was born on 21 June 1912.  On 22 June 1931 she married Bertrand Louis Jean de Villiers.  Bertrand died on 9 June 1989 and Kathleen on 25 June 2008.   They had four children; Louisa Bertha Blanch de Villiers, Ian Earl Zane de Villiers, Clive de Villiers and Keith de Villiers.
(F3.13) Harold Linklater was born on 15 June 1914 and died as an infant on 13 November 1915.
(F3.14) Florence Linklater was born on 28 July 1916.  She was a nurse and it appears she remained single.  Florence died on 15 March 2000.
(F3.15) Mary Linklater was born on 10 June 1919.  Like her sister Florence, she was a nurse and it appears that she too remained single.  Mary died on 21 July 2013 and shares a headstone with her sister Florence in Pinnaroo Cemetery.
(F3.16)  Edward Linklater was born on 27 September 1920. He was single when he joined the army during the Second World War, but only then in his early 20s, but it appears that he remained single.  Edward died on 19 November 1980.