Mary Pease (Portrait courtesy Tandridge District Council)

Descendants of Mary Gammell Davidson (nee Stewart)

Mary Gammell 1800-1872, the third daughter of Lt General Andrew Gammell, married the Rev. John Stewart on 1 July 1824. They had two sons, both of whom died childless and a daughter, Mary Gammell Stewart who was born in 1830, and who on 24 July 1855 married the Rev. George Smyttan Davidson, the Minister at Kinfauns, near Perth, Scotland. This page covers the story of their children and their descendants.

John Harcourt (1856-1880)
James Stewart (1858-1950)
(Rev) Harcourt Morton (1860-1926)
Mary Gammell (1861-1950)
John Stewart (1863-1952)
William Smyttan (1867-1906)
(Rev) Roger Stewart (1869-1955)
Andrew Gammell (1872-1907)

John (George) Harcourt Davidson

1 John (always known as George) Harcourt Davidson was born on 29 June 1856.  After leaving the Royal High School, he secured a post in Glasgow with a firm of Civil and Mining Engineers in August 1871. However in August 1876, he had to give up his post because of ill health. Though by late 1877 he had recovered sufficiently to accept the offer of the post of Assistant Manager at Lugar Ironworks, his ill health soon returned and he died on 16 May 1880 at Kinfauns Manse. His grave is in the Kilfauns churchyard.

James Stewart Davidson and his descendants

2 James Stewart Davidson was born at Kinfauns on 13 January 1858. After studying in the faculty of Arts at Edinburgh University, he joined Leith, Gillespie and Cathcart, a well-known firm of merchants.  When that firm closed, he started out on his own developing a herring export business and an agency for the supply of salt. These were very successful, up until he closed them just before the start of the First World War.  He married Agnes Finlayson McLaren on 20 February 1890 in St Giles's Cathedral, Edinburgh.  They had two sons, George Stewart Davidson born on 24 July 1892 and Peter McLaren Davidson, born on 12 February 1902.  During the First World War, James was active as Secretary and Organiser of the County War Work Association, work for which he received an OBE. In retirement he was an active member of the Church, of the Unionist Party, and of the Deeside Field Club. Agnes died on 2 October 1934 and James Stewart on 9 February 1950 at Cairnlea, Bieldside, Aberdeen.  Both are buried in the Kilfauns churchyard.

2.1 George Stewart Davidson (1892-1960) was born and brought up in Aberdeen and became a gynecologist. On 22 February 1924 he married Elizabeth Todd Logan (1898-1995), who was also a doctor.  They had five children. They appear to have retired to Jersey, but George died in London on 4 June 1960.  Their 5 children were:

2.1.1 Margerie McLaren Davidson (?-?) probably died as an infant?
2.1.2 Christopher Davidson (1926-1926) died in infancy.
2.1.3 Jean Laurie Davidson (1927-?) was a doctor and in 1952 married Ronald Meredith Jackson, a Canadian doctor, and they went to live in Canada, where their 4 children, Michael Howard Jackson, Judith Elizabeth Jackson, Gillian Patricia Gwendoline Jackson, and Peter Jackson were born.
2.1.4 Elizabeth Stewart Davidson (1929-?) was married in 1953 to Peter Norman Furlonger and had 3 children, Jennifer Claire Furlonger, Richard Charles L Furlonger and Rosalind Jane Furlonger.
2.1.5 James Logan Davidson (1938-?) was married in 1960 to Patricia Jane Whittaker.

2.2 Peter McLaren Davidson (1902-1993) was born on 12 February 1902and brought up in Aberdeen but evidently moved south.  In 1932 he married Gertrude Marie Shipway (1909-2001) in Chelsea, London. They had three children and Peter died in Eccleston, St Helens, Lancashire on 25 March 1993. Both he and his wife were buried in Kilfauns churchyard. Their children were:

2.2.1 Peter Anthony Steward Davidson (1933-2006) married Rachel Margaret Barber in 1960.  They appear to have emigrated to New South Wales, Australia, where Peter died in about 2006.
2.2.2 Ann Rosemary A Davidson was born in 1936.  She married Thomas Michael Tayler and in 1960 had a daughter Rosemary Gaye Tayler.
2.2.3 Margaret Davidson was born in 1938.

Rev Harcourt Morton Davidson

3 The Rev. Harcourt Morton Davidson was born on 25 January 1860 and
ttended the Royal High School and Edinburgh University.  In on 26 July
1887 he married Jane Primrose Wylie Hutchinson (1864-1952), the
daughter of a Leith merchant.  He was ordained and became an assistant
at West St Giles, Edinburgh.  On 16 December 1887 he became Minister
at St Andrews Church, Dundee.  He was renowned as a pre-eminent
preacher with ideas that were deep and true, clearly and distinctly
expressed, and earnestly and impressively delivered.  He and wife were
close friends of Sydney James Gammell and his wife, and were frequent
visitors to Drumtochty and Countesswells - they had no children. Harcourt
​died on 5 June 1926 and is buried under the pulpit at St Andrews.

Mary Gammell Davidson and descendants

4 The only daughter of the family, Mary Gammell Davidson was born on 11 December 1861.  She attended the Ministers’ Daughters’ College, Edinburgh and then undertook a teacher training course in London. At an early age she rebelled against the narrow theology of the Manse and developed an urge to work directly for the poor and oppressed.  Through an Edinburgh based reformer, Dr Glass, she met Edward Reynolds Pease.  They married in Gateshead Registry Office on
16 September 1889 and from about 1892 until their deaths, they lived in Limpsfield, Surrey.  They were both active in the founding of the Fabian Society and Edward was the Society’s secretary 1890-1913 and its Hon Secretary 1914-1938. In 1916 he published a book on the history of the Fabian Society, which contains a picture of him.  (This is available in the
downloads section of this website). He was also a member of the Labour ​Party’s Executive from 1900-1913.  

Mary (who was nearly always known as Marjory) was a kindred spirit and
threw herself into local politics and was, to a considerable degree, responsible
or the unique Liberal victory in the Reigate Division of Surrey in 1906. She
herself unsuccessfully contested the same division in the Labour interest in
1922.  But her real absorbing life interest lay in Local Government.  She was
elected a Poor Law Guardian and Rural District Councillor in 1911, a position
which she held without break until her retirement in 1946. Her widespread
but unspectacular work for the poor, the sick, the homeless and the
​unfortunate was truly vast. Day in and day out for forty years the problems
of feckless humanity poured in upon her. She was never daunted, she never
gave in, she never ceased to worry, and she rarely failed in the end to find
the solution for her clients. The public position that pleased her most of all,
was her appointment as a J.P. in the first list of women magistrates after the
removal of the sex-disqualification in 1918. She was assiduous in her
attendance at the Oxted Bench and at Quarter Sessions: she served on the
Lord Lieutenant’s Advisory Committee for Surrey during the whole of her time 
​as a Magistrate.  Mary died on 23 February 1950 and Edward on 5 January 1955.

Mary and Edward had two sons:

4.1 Michael Stewart Pease was born on 2 October 1890 in Scotland.
In 1920 he married Helen Bowen Wedgwood, 1st daughter of Josiah Clement ​Wedgwood, later (1942) created Baron Wedgwood of Barlaston, in the county of Staffordshire. The family lived in Cambridge, where Michael was a geneticist and later head of the Poultry Research Station.  He was also a Labour Councillor representing Girton on the County Council and was awarded an OBE for his political and public services in Cambridgeshire. He died on 27 July 1966. Michael and Helen had one son and at least 3 daughters.

4.1.1 Noel Joanna Pease (1920-1994) was a doctor with the Colonial Medical Service in Tanganika (now Tanzania) and in Cambridge, where she lived when she retired.  She died on 21 November 1994.
4.1.2 Rendel Sebastian Pease (1922-2004), known as "Bas"  was a physicist and director of the Culham Laboratory for Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion.
4.1.3 Jocelyn Richenda Gammell Pease (1925-2003) married Andrew Fielding Huxley, later Sir Andrew Huxley, 1962 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology).  
4.1.4 Marion Rachel Wedgwood Pease (1928-1934).   

4.2 Nicolas Arthington Pease (1894-1984) who in 1924, married Muriel Ada Pullan.  They had 2 children, Veronica Muriel Pease and Martyn Edward Pease.

4.2.1 Veronica Muriel Pease was born on 22 May 1925 in Willesden.  On 16 August 1947 she married Douglas Faunce Farrington and they went to live in the United States where she became naturalised.  She had 4 children and died in New Hampshire on 6 October 2013.

4.2.2 Martyn Edward Pease was born on 23 February 1927.  On 24 February 1951 he married Rosemary Rachel Derbyshire (1926-2008) in Middlesbrough. He was a geologist.  They had 5 children, Nicholas Clive Pease, Mark Thomas Pease, Ruth Marion Pease and two others.

John Stewart Davidson

5 John Stewart Davidson was born on 7 November 1863 in Kilfauns.  He attended the Royal High School and on completion of his secondary education, was apprenticed to the Commercial Bank of Scotland, where he served for 5 years.  On 21 June 1886 Jack as he was known to his family, left Kinfauns to emigrate to Melbourne, Australia.  Despite his parents having presumed that they would never see him again, on 1 June 1894 he returned to the Manse and joined his brother James’ herring and salt trading businesses. On 14 January 1909 he married Marie Louise Heuston, the younger daughter of a small landed proprietor near Tipperary and settled down in Innisshannon in County Cork.  When “the troubles” came in 1921 they returned to England and settled in Twyford, Berkshire.  Unfortunately a year later they lost their only child, Mary E A Davidson aged three, and a year or two after that moved to Bournemouth where he died on 20 December 1952.

William Smyttan Davidson and descendants

6 William Smyttan Davidson was born on 16 March 1867.  He followed his elder brothers to
school in Edinburgh, and took up law as a profession, practicing as a solicitor in Perth. On
24 July 1895, he married Catherine (Kate) Alice Riach, one of the many daughters of Dr.
Riach, the minister of Grange Parish Church, Edinburgh. His practice as a solicitor was clearly
successful, since in 1906 he was able to move from a semi-detached suburban villa into a
substantial modern residence, standing in ample grounds overlooking the Tay on the
outskirts of Perth. Unfortunately he did not live to enjoy his new estate, since a few months
later, on 29 October 1906, he died suddenly of appendicitis. They had one son, George who
was killed on the Somme in 1916 and two daughters Mary and Betty.  Following the death of
George, Kate moved to London and ​later to Worthing where she died on 20 June 1952 aged

6.1 George William Smyttan Davidson was born on 16 February 1897 in Perth, Scotland.
During the First World War he joined the Cameron Highlanders and was killed in action on ​25 September 1916.  He is buried at the Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, Picardie, France.

6.2 Mary Gammell Stewart Davidson was born on 2 February 1900 in Perth, Scotland.  On 7 June 1921 she married Theobald Blake Butler (1888-1965) in Chelsea, London.  They had two children James Roland Blake Butler (1922-2002) and John Stewart Blake Butler (1923-1957), but in 1930 Mary and Theobald were divorced.  In 1931 Mary married Norman Roy Fox-Andrews (1894-1971) but there were no children from this marriage and Mary died in 1970 in Kent.

6.2.1 James Roland Blake Butler was born on 22 March 1922 in Kensington.  In 1939 he changed his name to Fox-Andrews. In 1950 he married Angela Bridget Swift and they had two sons Jonathan Mark P Fox-Andrews (born 1952) and Piers Norman James Fox-Andrews (born 1954). James died in Kensington in 2002.

6.2.2 John Stewart Blake Butler was born on 14 July 1923 in Kensington.  On 13 December 1947 he married Stephanie Elizabeth Swann in Westminster.  They had one son, Samuel Thomas Blake Butler (born 1949). John died on 7 October 1957 in Kensington.

6.3 Betty Kathleen Riach Davidson was born on 26 December 1903 in Kilfaun, Perthshire. In 1926 she married Alfred Henry Norris (1894-1989).  They had a son Michael Stewart Norris who was born in Brazil in 1927.  In about 1931 Betty and Alfred divorced and in the second quarter of 1932, Betty married Douglas Errol Hay Thompson in Kensington.  However he died on 13 August of that same year. In 1934 she married John William Francis Crewdson, again in Kensington.  There were no children by these last two marriages and Betty died on 2 January 1962 in Uxbridge.

6.3.1 Michael Stewart Norris was born on 20 December 1927, as noted above, probably in Brazil.  It is likely he based his life in Brazil, but in 1959 he returned to the UK by ship and is recorded as travelling with his wife Daphne Elizabeth Mary Norris (born 23 March 1932) and their son, Michael Anthony Norris (born 20 March 1958). It records that Michael was an accountant.

Rev Roger Stewart Davidson and descendants

7 The Rev Roger Stewart Davidson was born on 7 February 1869.  He
attended the Royal High School and graduated from Edinburgh University
in Arts and Divinity.  During his stay in Edinburgh he took up rugby,
eventually winning an international cap.  In the season of 1902-3 he
became President of the Scottish Rugby Union. He married Janet
Drummond McLaren (1872-1955) on 16 June 1897 at St Nicholas,
Aberdeen and when on 25 February 1894 his father retired as Minister of
Kinfauns, he was able to record the nomination and appointment of
Roger as his assistant and successor.  Roger’s ministry at Kinfauns
extended from then until his death, 61 years later. Roger and Janet had
two sons, Roger Alistair McLaren Davidson and John Harcourt Stewart
Davidson. In August 1954 Roger’s health began to fail and on
​18 February 1955 he died.  A few months later, on 1 September, Janet followed him.

7.1 Roger Alistair McLaren Davidson was born on 6 February 1900 in Dundee.  He was a civil servant and ultimately Director of Education for Nigeria in the Colonial Education Service, for which work he was awarded the CMG in the 1947 Honours list.  In 1928 he married Elsie Stuart Stronach (1899-1979) in Edinburgh.  Roger died on 9 August 1983 in St Andrews. Roger and Elsie had two children, Eilidh Steward Davidson and Roger Ewan Smyttan Davidson (1932-2009).  A granddaughter, Catherine, is also mentioned in Roger's death notice.

7.2 John Harcourt Stewart Davidson was born at Kilfauns on 17 March 1903.  He too spent time in West Africa, though as a trader.  In 1956 he married Isabella Cameron (1904-1995).  He died in 1964 in Glencarse, Perthshire.  He appears to have had no children.

Andrew Gammell Davidson and descendants

8 Andrew Gammell Davidson was born on 25 May 1872 but by the time he was of school age,
the Liberton Manse was no longer available to enable him to attend the Royal High School,
Edinburgh. Accordingly he lived at home and attended Perth Academy until he attained the
age of 18 years. Early in 1891 he joined Messrs Wallace and Nimmo (Wright’s), the leading
brewery in Perth. In 1895 he moved to Leigh in Lancashire, where he became a brewery
manager. On 23 September 1899, Andrew married a widow, Annie Oldham (nee Reade), who
had a family by her first husband. Andrew and Annie had four children, Reginald Harcourt
Davidson, Ralph Steward Davidson, Beatrice Davidson and Gordon Davidson. Andrew died
suddenly of pneumonia on 16 November 1907, leaving his wife penniless. The relatives of the
children by her first marriage made themselves responsible for them, whilst Andrew’s four
children, Gordon, Reginald, Ralph and Beatrice, were brought up with help from their uncles
​and aunts. 

8.1 Reginald Harcourt Davidson was born on 8 August 1900 in Prestwich. He was in an orphanage in Kent in 1911. In 1919 he emigrated to Canada and married Helen Manther (1894-1962) in the early 20s.  Shortly thereafter he travelled to the United States where he became naturalized on 9 September 1936.  He worked in Minneapolis, but seems to have retired to New York state, where Helen died in 1962 and he died in 1982.

8.2 Ralph Steward Davidson was born on 29 April 1902 in Prestwich. He too was in the Kent orphanage with is elder brother. In 1939 he married Elsie Poynter and in 1943 they had a daughter, Sandra Lydia Davidson.  Ralph died on 27 December 1977 in Bury, Lancashire.

8.3 Beatrice Davidson was born on 11 December 1903 in Manchester.  After her father's death, she appears to have stayed with her mother in Manchester.  Nothing more is known about her life except that she died in Manchester in 1978.

8.4 Gordon Davidson was born in Manchester on 11 July 1906.  After his father's death he was adopted by his uncle Harcourt. In 1943 he married Phyllis May Butcher (1908-1993) in Bournmouth.  He died in Carnoustie on 30 November 1982.

(Much of the information on the children of Mary Gammell Stewart and the Rev. George Smyttan Davidson has come from a family reminiscence written by three of their grandchildren, Alistair Davidson, George Davidson and Michael Stewart Pease in 1961, as well as from information from Sarah Kimbell and Lin McGarry. (A full copy of the family reminiscence is available from the downloads section of this website).

Descendants of Mary Davidson (nee Stewart)