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This website records the history of a Scottish family of Gammells who are descended from William Gammell, born in about 1695, a Greenock shipmaster and his wife Margaret Scott.


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This history does not by any means cover all those whose name is Gammell. There are Gammells in Ireland, UK, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and elsewhere, but the links between their families and this family, if they ever existed, are lost in history.  There are also many families with similar names to the name Gammell and those families too may well be linked, given that the spelling of surnames in Parish Registers up until about 200 years ago, depended on the clerk or minister, who entered names as they heard them, and thus spelling varied widely.

This history does not, other than sometimes in passing, cover the lives of those generations who are still living and so the history stops with the generation born up to about 100 years ago.  This is partly to respect their privacy, but also because there are far too many of them to keep track of!


My Father, Edward Gammell (1908-1999), wrote the original Gammell Family History between 1968 and 1976 and published it as a ring-bound book.  A copy of that original history is available as a PDF in the downloads section of this website.

Grandson Edward, Alistair Gammell (author of this website) and Edward Gammell (author or the original 1976 Gammell Family history (photo February 1998)

This web history is based on that text, but with the addition of much additional information resulting from further research which is now available on the web, and information provided to me by others.


By putting this history on the web, I hope not only that we can remember the lives and achievements of these people, but that it may also may inspire others to research these links.  If you have any information to add to this history or would like to send me photographs relevant to this family history, please contact Alistair Gammell.


You are free to use any of information/pictures on this website, but if you republish it/them, I'd be grateful if you could acknowledge www.gammell.net as the source.  


Thank you.


Alistair Gammell

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Updated August 2021