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​​Ancestors Pre-1700

Agnes Gammell (1690-?) sister of William Gammell

William Gammell (1695-1765)


Margaret Scott (Scot) (About 1704 - unknown), her family and ancestors

William Gammell (1732-!818?)

James Gammell (1735-1825)


Janet Geils (1738-1818), her family and ancestors


Margaret Gammell (married name Donald) (1738-unknown) & descendants

Andrew Gammell (Lieutenant General) (1764-1815)


Martha Stageldoir (About 1770-1840), her family and ancestors

Martha Gammell (married name Morton) 1791-1871

Janet Gammell (married name Peile) 1792-1828 and her descendants

Mary Gammell 1799-1872 (married name Stewart) and her descendants

Margaret Gammell (married name Jacobs) 1801-1861 and her descendants

William Gammell (Lieutenant Colonel) (1765-1796) third son of James Gammell


William Gammell (Major) (1789-1853) eldest son of Lt Gen Andrew Gammell


Andrew Gammell (Lieutenant Colonel) (1828-1870) and descendants


Miriam Gammell (married names Messiter and Bertram) (1830-1901)

James Gammell (Captain) (1797-1893)


Sydney Holmes (1797-1878), her family and ancestors

Andrew Gammell (Major) (1803-1883) third son of Lt Gen Andrew Gammell

Ernest Gammell (1808-1855) youngest son of Lt Gen Andrew Gammell

James Stewart Gammell (Reverend) (1826-1899)


Anne Bramley (1841-1916), her family and ancestors

Frederick Ernest Gammell (Lieutenant) (1827-1902) second son of Capt James Gammell

Harcourt Thomas Gammell (Captain) (1829-1904) third son of Capt James Gammell, and his descendants

John Holmes Housden Gammell (Col) (1830-1902) fourth son of Capt James Gammell

William Gammell (Captain) (1833-1882) fifth son of Capt James Gammell

Martha Janet Gammell (married name Bertram) (1836-1868) eighth child of Capt James Gammell, and her descendants

Albert Gammell (1840-1868) tenth and last child of Capt James Gammell


Mary Jane Rollston (1862-1946) "illigitimate" daughter of Capt James Gammell, and her descendants


Sydney Albert Wharton Gammell (1864-1946)


Sheila Marion Gammell (married name Gourlay) (1909-2000) and descendants

Sydney James Gammell (Sir) (1867-1946)


Alice Trench Stobart (1866-1957), her family and ancestors

Elizabeth Marion Gammell (married name Mott) (1871-1959)

Jessie Bertram Gammell (1872-1874)

Alice Rosamond Gammell (married name Bond) (1875-1962) and her descendants

James Andrew Harcourt Gammell (Lieutenant General, Sir) (1892-1975)

Barbara Anne Gammell (married name Hill) (1894-1977)

Henry Stobart Gammell MC (1896-1918)

John Richard Gammell MC CdG (1898-1995)

Finella Mary Gammell (1901-1987)

William Sydney Gammell (1905-1997)

Edward Bramley Gammell (1908-1999)

​Alice Margaret Joan Gammell (married name Ivory) (1913-1984)