Sheila Marion Gammell (1909-2000) and her descendants


Sheila Marion Gammell (known as Jum) was born on 7 June 1909 in Huyton. She was the only child of Sydney Albert Wharton Gammell and his wife Annie Cowx.  On 4 December 1934, she married Robert Alan Gourlay in Calcutta Cathedral.  Robert (known as Alan) was the son of Francis N M Gourlay of Kirkland, Tynron in Dumfriesshire. They moved back to the UK in 1938 but separated in 1948. Sheila and Robert had two children, Elizabeth Anne Gourlay and Francis Moffat Gammell Gourlay.  Robert died in on 19 January 1951 and Sheila on 1 June 2000.


Elizabeth Anne Gourlay was born in Calcutta on 22 September 1935.  She married Robert James Barclay Chrystal (known as Hamish) in Vancouver in 1958 and set up home in Canada. They had four sons, Andrew (1959), Duncan (1960), Neil (1963) and Malcolm (1967).  The family live in western Canada.


Francis Moffat Gammell Gourlay (known as Frank) was born in Dumfries, Scotland on 16 October 1942.  In 1971 he married Susan D Younger.  They had two sons, Rupert Francis Gourlay (1973) and Hugh Robert Gourlay (1974) and the family lives in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.












Top, Sheila M Gammell, who married Robert Alan Gourlay on 4 December 1934 (ABChrystal); and bottom (F Gourlay)