Family Tree


It is not possible to get all the descendants of the Gammell family since 1700 into a single family tree (A3 size).


The main tree below (Gammell family tree) contains the entire family tree except for the Peile, Steward, Jacobs and De Vine descendants. The descendants for those four families can be found under the appropriate link below. The five trees together give the entire tree. Details of each individual can be found by referring to the appropriate page in this website under Lives of Ancestors.


These trees generally do not contain details of members of the most recent generations.


The trees are designed to be read in A3 landscape format.  If they appear on your screen too small, the size can be increased from about 60% to 100% or more by increasing the magnification in the tool bar at the top, but then you will need to scroll to see particular entries.


Open a tree by clicking on the appropriate link below.


Gammell family tree


Peile family tree


Stewart/Davidson family tree


Jacobs family tree


De Vine family tree