Martha Gammell (Morton)



Martha, who was born on 11 January 1791, was the eldest daughter of Lt. General Andrew Gammell and Martha Stageldoir.  On 15 October 1814 she married Captain Harcourt Morton of the 14th Foot in St Pancras Parish Church .  Before his marriage, Harcourt had served with the 85th, 49th and 14th Foot.  He participated in the Walcheren campaign in 1809.  He was injured at the second siege of Badajoz (6-11 June 1811) (as was his fellow officer in the same regiment, Lt William Gammell, who surely must have introduced him to his sister, Martha) and was also wounded (shot through the thigh) at the Battle of Chrysler’s Farm (11 November 1813) in Canada. 


Martha inherited one seventh of her father's estate when he died in 1815, and was left an annuity of £50 a year under the will of her grandfather James Gammell the banker in 1825. Harcourt retired on half pay in 1816 “At my own request in consequence of my private affairs requiring my presence at home”.  Harcourt and Martha lived in Yorkshire and are buried in St Mary’s Churchyard, Masham.  They had no children.


Their headstone reads “Sacred to the memory of Major Harcourt Morton who died on 4th June 1854 aged 68 years and to Martha Morton his wife who died 8th February 1871 aged 80 years.