Agnes Gammell
1690 (approx) - unknown


All we know of this lady is contained in an old family tree, probably compiled in the early 19th century, which shows the following:


Agnes Gammell (sister of William Gammell, ship master) married Wm Thomson in Netherton. They had 2 children, Andrew Thomson, farmer in Netherton, and Alexander Thomson shipmaster in Port Glasgow. Andrew had 4 children, Wm. Thomson, Shipmaster in Greenock and 3 daughters. Alexander had one child, Margaret Thomson, who married her cousin Wm. Thomson. They had one child William Thomson in Newfoundland.


We have no dates for any of these people, and all we know is that James Gammell (the son of William the ship master) when he became a founding member of the Greenock Bank in 1785, was in partnership with Andrew Thomson and Co based in Newfoundland.  Also that James Gammell left a legacy in his will dated 1825, of £200 to William Thomson “son of Mrs Margaret Thompson, daughter of the deceased [unreadable but may be Alexr?] Thomson my cousin”; and later in the will, a further £40 to Margaret daughter of the deceased [the same unreadable] Thomson his cousin. The Andrew Thomson connected to the Greenock Bank, was specifically mentioned as having a close connection with Newfoundland and may well have lived there, and that of course according to the old family tree, Agnes Gammell/Thomson was James Gammell, the banker's aunt.