Miriam Gammell (Messiter/Bertram) 



Miriam Sophia Adelaide Gammell, the only daughter of Major William Gammell and his wife Maria Du Vernet, was born in Torquay on 18 March 1830.  At St. Andrews Church, Plymouth on 10 November 1849 she married Colonel John Messiter (1798-1882) an elderly widower, who was at that time serving in the 28th Foot.


On 24 November 1850, a daughter, Frances Effield Messiter was born, but she died after a long, but to us unknown, illness on 8 June 1872. 


After Colonel Messiter's death on 13 January 1882, Miriam married Julius Alfred Bertram, another widower, on 28 March 1883.  Julius was a London solicitor and his first wife had been Martha Janet Gammell, Miriam’s first cousin. 


Miriam and Julius both died on 14 July 1901 at their Regent’s Park home in London, though the cause of their deaths was unrelated.